Cannie Chum


Locations LLC

614 Kapahulu Ave Honolulu Hi 96815

Cannie Chum was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Honolulu with her family in 1990's.Cannie is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. These language skills had served her extremely well early in her career, and are now invaluable in her Real Estate profession. This unbeatable combination of customer service in tandem with her vast network built up over the years enables her to find the quintessential property tailor-made for the client.

Every day she sets a goal to make sure her work ethic shows the utmost in respect, professionalism, and integrity. Her simple philosophy is this: listen intently the needs of her client, be attentive to details so the process is smooth and trouble free, and diligently follow up; which makes a truly positive experience for both parties.

Cannie Chum enjoys being a Real Estate Agent and she is very passionate about helping families find their next home. Cannie does a great job of calling out not just her community, but her favorite parts of the community as well. This sort of attention to detail lets sellers know you are aware of the things that matter to the residents of their community. And, knowing what matters will certainly help you market homes better too.

Thanks to a combined 8 years as real estate professionals in Honolulu, we are proud of our reputation for excellent negotiation skills, cutting-edge marketing, and invaluable connections, both locally and globally.

My expertise:

  • 1-Honesty and integrity.
  • 2-Knowledge of purchase process.
  • 3-Responsiveness.
  • 4-Knowledge of real estate market.
  • 5-Communication skills.
  • 6-Negotiation skills.